Our StoryAnd Why You Need a Software Development Team in a Box

Zoteca is a boutique consulting firm founded in 2000, with a track-record in both enterprise and consumer software projects. Based in New York City, Tel Aviv and Shanghai, in the heart of important hubs for technology, start-ups, media, and entertainment, we are a global multi-disciplinary team that provides the highest level of professional expertise and services.

Startups and even enterprise software shops often face a dilemma in building a software development team. With limited budgets and high competition for tech talent, it is tempting to do offshore development. However, you quickly encounter the downsides of this approach: poor communications and slow turnaround which inhibit agile and responsive product development. Moreover, offshoring often means actual (as opposed to legal) ownership of your IP is in jeopardy.

In house staffing has its own pitfalls. High competition for quality staff means you can rarely afford enough top developer talent. Moreover, with all the money spent on developers, there is usually little left for an operations team needed to build out a sustainable infrastructure. Pressure to quickly hire and absorb new team members can lead to poor choices and reduced team effectiveness.

The Software Development Team in a Box (SDTiaB) offers you a better alternative. We deliver not just bodies, but a whole team in a Box, including CTO, project managers, designers, developers & operations. Our clients work with highly experienced, top quality, hard working tech talent that have done projects with Fortune 500 enterprises as well as tiny startups. Our teams are fluent in the latest technologies & software development approaches. We have a deep deck of high-level technical expertise, so when a project requires resources for a specific technology, we can bring in help on an "as needed" basis. Essentially we remove the risk of you having to quickly build and manage a brand new team or to rapidly expand an existing one. Renting our SDTiaB can be an effective alternative, whether you are a tiny new startup which doesn’t yet have an in-house team, a large enterprise moving into skunk work projects or any size company in between.

Quicker Time to Market

Our architectural and design expertise allows you to focus your time on refining the functionality of your application.

Cut Out Bottlenecks

Don't get stuck waiting to find staff with the expertise you need in the latest software technologies and methods.

Rent Don't Buy

Reduce your risk by renting our team as needed, instead of hiring and training expensive and hard to find staff.

No More Broken Telephone

Communication is key to project success and we are experts in constant and effective information flow.

Turbocharge Your Team

Working side by side with our team, allows your team to learn the latest ideas and approaches in software development.

Our Customers Come First

We limit the number of projects we work on and only choose projects to which we can make a significant contribution.

Portfolio Sample

Accident Geocoding and Analysis Tool

Client is a local municipality that needs a web-based app for geocoding trafffic accidents with all associated accident report data. Data is subsequently analyzed to determine best investment of the traffic budget. Our SDTiaB develops, deploys and maintains the app.

Technologies used: ArcGIS Online, Javascript, Node.js, Microsoft BI, AWS

Event Photo Sharing App

Client is a startup developing a location-based event photo-sharing app. The sophisticated back-end location based technologies requires a native application on major phone platforms. Our SDTiaB develops, deploys and maintains the app.

Technologies used: iOS, Android, Node.js

DevOps Infrastructure

Our SDTiaB works with various clients to help create/enhance their development, testing and production infrastructures. We work with the client to define and implement their infrastructure and security architecture, choose and implement their toolchain, and build and refine their CI/CD environments. We also train client staff in tool usage and best practices.

Technologies used: Multiple AWS technologies & vendors, Ansible, Boto, JIRA, Bamboo, Artifactory